Learn more about the Left-Hand Path of Aphotism.


A Left-Hand Path faith-philosophy hybrid founded by Rev. Cain,
Aphotism explores the void in search of transcendent power, knowledge, and secrets.

A Synopsis of Aphotism's Beliefs

What does the word "Aphotism" mean?

The term "Aphotism," coined by Rev. Cain, uses the root word aphotic to describe the nature of the occult studies that this Left-Hand Path encapsulates. The term aphotic, referring to the aphotic zone – the deepest, blackest level of our oceans.

The faith-philosophy of Aphotism heavily incorporates both deep space and the deep sea into its teachings, usually as a symbolic representation of the depths of knowledge, power, and mystery that the Left-Hand Path offers.

Is Aphotism a religion?

Aphotism is whatever the practitioner – the Aphotist – needs it to be. To some, it is a religion, and to others, a philosophy.

Rev. Cain designed Aphotism to be completely malleable to the needs of occultists on an individual basis.

Can I follow another religion while practicing Aphotism?

Absolutely. When Rev. Cain created Aphotism, he did so with dual-practice in mind – anyone can add Aphotism into their faith and/or philosophical beliefs.

In theory, a Satanist, a Christian, a Buddhist, and an atheist could each practice Aphotism in their own way and have little to no conflicts with their preexisting belief systems.

How would you summarize Aphotism's beliefs?

Aphotism is a malleable art upon the Left-Hand Path that may be practiced as a religion or a philosophy.

At its core, Aphotism believes that death is a temporary state of the soul's journey as it awaits rebirth in another world, realm, or dimension.

As well, Aphotism believes that Heaven, Hell, and all other spiritual kingdoms, if they exist, exist physically – not spiritually. That, if one knew how, they could physically experience Heaven or Hell in this lifetime, just as they are experiencing Earth. Aphotism believes these places are flesh-and-bone material dimensions that the soul temporarily crosses over into, based on the religious devotions of the individual in their most recent lifetime.

The void is your canvas.

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