Learn more about The Infernal Circle's author & director, Reverend Cain.


The Infernal Circle is led by Reverend Cain – a world-renowned author on topics of occultism, demonologist, and theistic Satanism.

His journey as a voice for Satanism began during his Christian upbringing, as he studied the Holy Bible and the word of God. This adherence to Christianity would lead Rev. Cain down a path that nearly sent him to seminary school with the hope of not only becoming a priest, but an exorcist.

After a lengthy period of self-exploration, Rev. Cain came to a realization that would change the course of his life and, subsequently, the world forever – Satan’s story was more honorable than that of God’s.

With this embrace of Satan’s godship, Rev. Cain embarked on a decade-long mission to study, write, and teach the word of Satan on Earth – repairing the faith of theistic Satanism, and empowering the students of the Left-Hand Path with his powerful prose.

Today, after many years and many acclaimed books to his name, Rev. Cain is widely recognized as the go-to author for modern-day theistic Satanism and the Left-Hand Path as a whole.