Below are a handful of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

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What is The Infernal Circle?

The Infernal Circle is, foremost, a for-profit occult organization that primarily supplies the publications of Rev. Cain. As well, we are widely regarded as the world's leading authority on theistic Satanism.

Alongside occult manuscripts, The Infernal Circle offers occult antiques, oddities, ritual supplies, and merchandise that reflects the works & values of The Infernal Circle.

What is Academia Diaboli?

Academia Diaboli, or "The Devil's Academy," is The Infernal Circle's official membership program. Some refer to it as a congregation, others an occult society, and still others regard Academia Diaboli as nothing more than a community of devout occultists.

Since we welcome occultists of various faiths and denominations, and a congregation typically suggests that all members follow the same path, we do not believe the term "congregation" accurately describes Academia Diaboli.

What is theistic Satanism?

Theistic Satanism is the literal belief in and celebration of devils, Satan, and the kingdom of Hell.

What is Aphotism?

Aphotism is a new field upon the Left-Hand Path, founded by Reverend Cain.

The path of Aphotism may be practiced as either as faith or a philosophy, and its primary focus is on the void – its occult relevance, how it demystifies the bondaries between spirituality and strange science, and how one may reap transcendental power from the darkest reaches of creation.

Why would anyone want to go to Hell?

Hell is not the same experience for everybody.

Those that find themselves in Hell against their will are unlikely to have a fun time. However, those that have taken the mark of Satan and abide by the standards of his godship will find pleasure in his kingdom.

Do you believe in the old-world concept of Hell?


We do not believe that Heaven is above us, nor that Hell is beneath us. Rather, we think of these places as worlds or dimensions of their own, consisting of vast architecture, geography, hierarchies, and further.

Are you a hate group, or cult?

Absolutely not – we are merely a supplier of occult knowledge.

The primary goal of The Infernal Circle is to forge better people through the lessons and teachings found within our books.