A place where likeminded souls may share knowledge, books, advice, and experiences upon the Left-Hand Path, Academia Diaboli will serve as a means for occultists to find community, camaraderie, and unparalleled growth in life and upon the Left-Hand Path.


The members of Academia Diaboli have chosen to join us primarily to show their support for our books, teachings, and beliefs. Currently, these members enjoy a permanent storewide discount, as well as access to a members-only blog for insider updates.

You may find more of our planned benefits, below.

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As a member of Academia Diaboli, you will be able to show your support for the world's most respected contributor to the Left-Hand Path of theistic Satanism.

As well, the name of every soul that joins Academia Diaboli shall be written, in order of application, into our record grimoire, De Speculo Diaboli – a ledger for the decades to come that shall mark the history of The Infernal Circle.


All active members of Academia Diaboli currently enjoy a sitewide discount on all available products, services, and purchasables.


In the future, we hope to offer a multitude of services that will be accessible to members only - for-hire rituals, occult lectures by Rev. Cain, and custom grimoires are a few of the services we hope to make available for our members.


We believe that community is the backbone of all great movements, and that, too, will be the focus of Academia Diaboli.

The Infernal Circle hopes to establish a comfortable environment for occultists of all backgrounds to discuss their knowledge, studies, goals, and experiences upon the Left-Hand Path.

The Black Cat Gazette

Our most recent perk, members of Academia Diaboli now have access to The Black Cat Gazette - our member-only blog for exclusive updates from our ministry regarding upcoming products, books, and service releases.

Future Benefits

In the future, we hope to offer myriad incentives and gestures of appreciation to the members of Academia Diaboli additional discounts, store credits, early access to rare books & limited services, access to members-only items, services, and store features, and much more.

There is no guarantee which of these things will come to fruition, or when, but rest assured that we will always explore new ways to give back to our members.


Before you enroll in Academia Diaboli, you must review and agree to abide by our five Infernal Tenets – these tenets are our code of conduct that we expect to be followed amongst members of our congregation. As well, you must review and accept the terms of membership.

Though not mandatory, you are strongly encouraged to read our book titled The Satanic Philosopher. Since The Satanic Philosopher best describes and explores our views on theistic Satanism, it is a good idea to read this book before applying to Academia Diaboli.



What is Academia Diaboli?

Academia Diaboli, or "The Devil's Academy," may best be regarded as a place for occultists to enjoy a sense of community while furthering their studies upon the Left-Hand Path.

Since many of our books pertain to theistic Satanism, many members of Academia Diaboli are theistic Satanists.

How much does membership cost?

At the moment, enrollment in Academia Diaboli costs and renews at $7.99 USD every month.

Who is excluded from enrollment?

We will not be accepting membership applications from violent offender inmates, non-occultists, or those that carry a sex offender status.

No exceptions.

What are the terms of enrollment?

The full terms of enrollment may be found here.

18+ only, no exceptions.

You must abide by the five Infernal Tenets of The Infernal Circle, and agree to conduct yourself in a noble, wise, forthright, and law-abiding fashion.

We reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member that we believe violates our ethics, virtues, and/or standards.

Who should join The Infernal Circle?

Our membership program is geared predominately towards theistic Satanists, but we welcome any person that devotedly walks the Left-Hand Path so long as they abide by our code of conduct and agree to the terms of membership.

When will memberships become available?

The Infernal Circle's membership program, Academia Diaboli, is now live.

I'm not based in America – can I still join?

Of course, so long as you meet our criteria and have accepted the terms & conditions relative to membership with Academia Diaboli.

Our largest non-American audiences consist readers from the UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, and Japan, and we would not exclude such a huge part of our following based simply on man-made borders.