Below are the tenets, created by Rev. Cain, that we believe best encapsulate theistic Satanism.


The Satanist should be devoted to the pursuit of self-betterment – the conquering of weaknesses, the embrace of ambition, and the prioritization of living a good, fruitful life.

As well, the Satanist should always remain devoted to the people, principles, and pursuits that they hold dear – the greatest bounties are bestown only upon those committed to their attainment.


The Satanist must be willing to weather the tempests of life – failure, derision, fear, loss, and the relentless obstacles that we are all fated to face as mortal beings.

As well, the Satanist should strive to embody the spirit of Satan – standing boldly in the face of adversity, always prepared to defend their principles, beliefs, and passions.


The Satanist must strive for clarity in every thought and action – learning how to analyze, plan, and act in a way that is both unbiased and true to one’s nature.

As well, the Satanist must clearly assess the road they travel – where they are, and where they wish to go. Once they have charted their path, the Satanist must stay the course – always keeping sight of the bigger picture.


The Satanist must never forfeit their autonomy to any person, hardship, or body – the spirit of Satan is that of self-governance and reasonable defiance, no matter the odds.

As well, the Satanist must aim to limit behaviors that may weaken one’s sense of autonomy – self-deceit, overindulgence, avoidance, and an overreliance on externals beyond one’s complete control.


The Satanist should always strive to be as informed as is possible – forever eager to learn so that they may improve themselves as both a Satanist and human being.

As well, the Satanist must learn how to apply the knowledge they gain from life and from the Left-Hand Path – knowledge is useless until it helps shape one's actions, thoughts, desires, or earthly pursuits.


Below are our three sins, established by Rev. Cain, that we avoid at The Infernal Circle.


    The Satanist must do their best to avoid partaking in false judgment – a judgment formed without data, experience, or unbiased motives is a judgment formed solely out of emotion disturbance and should be avoided at all costs.

    Any fool can judge, but only a few know how to truly think without being pulled by emotional bias.


    The Satanist must do their best to tame their ego – though it is a healthy part of the Satanist's path, it is far too easy to allow one's ego to devolve into arrogance.

    Arrogance is a blindfold that conceals the light of truth and poisons one's growth – it has been the folly of millions, and the Satanist must be cautious not to find themselves amongst that aimless multitude.


    The Satanist must not allow their heart to be filled with the vitriol of malice – cruelty for the sake of cruelty is a losing game for everyone involved.

    There are no winners in hatred – it is a poison that destroys our growth and squanders the most valuable assets that we have as human beings – time, wisdom, health, and sentiency.