Learn more about The Infernal Circle's manuscripts.

The Infernal Circle is, above all else, an occult bookstore that supplies the publications of world-renowned author and demonologist, Reverend Cain.

Rev. Cain's legendary reputation and influence upon the Left-Hand Path first arose when he published The Infernal Gospel - the world's most in-depth introduction to theistic Satanism that has ever been written.

With The Infernal Gospel, thousands of occultists new and old learned about the long-forgotten faith of theistic Satanism, therein fueling a resurgence in the study & practice of the old-world ways of Satanism.

Following the massive success of The Infernal Gospel, Rev. Cain would go on to write & release nearly a dozen manuscripts, ranging from introductory texts, guides, and hymnals, to advanced demonological grimoires and the world's first treatise on the philosophy of theistic Satanism, The Satanic Philosopher.

The Infernal Circle shall continue to release the works of Rev. Cain for many years to come, inspiring and empowering new generations of occultists and those who dare explore the Left-Hand Path.